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Azaria Family Day Care Services

Are you passionate about working with children?

Want to play a part in shaping their futures while running your own business?

Our Vision

  • inspiring learning

A good educator can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Therfore, We are committed to keeping our educators inspired.

  • strengthening families

We aim to achieve a sense of wonder, feeling and belonging to, love of the land and family, so that young children will develop lifelong respectful as well positive and proactive attitudes.

  • creating communities

We believe that craeting valuable communities starts from children and their learning. Therfore, we believe in delievering the valuable learning through our educators for a better future

About Azaria

Azaria Family Day Care Services established in 2012 and has been supporting number of educators to achieve their success in establishing their Family Day Care and to inspire learning. We proud ourselves to be one of the top services in Victoria and growing more success by hiring the top educators to make sure we deliver a quality of care and quality of learning to our children. We believe that Family Day Care is a relationship between a family and a “PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR” in an environment that becomes by design a “second home

Our Mission Is to Shape the Future

We believe that sharing our vision and passion for excellence with our professional educators is the path to empower learning of our young children .

What is Family Day Care

  • Education

Family day care provides early childhood education and care services for children across Australia.

  • National Quality Standards

Family day care operates under the same National Quality Framework (NQF) as other forms of child care; incorporating National Regulations, National Quality Standards educational frameworks and an assessment and ratings process.

  • Subsidy

Parents are eligible for the same Federal Government Child Care Subsidy.

  • Home environment

Your child’s education and care is provided by an individual educator who is an early childhood education and care professional, operating within their own home.

  • Small Groups

Educators work with small groups of no more than four children under school age* at any one time.

  • Approved Service

Educators work with an approved service that carries out regular visits to monitor the children’s individual development and provide support.

If you have already established your family day care

What do we offer to our educators

When you join Azaria's team you will get support along your journy with us

Ongoing Training

Azaria has a professional team of educational leaders who have deticated their time and knowledge to make sure all our educators are aware of the latest regulations through the ongoing training and our online training portal. 

Ongoing support

Our educational leaders make sure that all our educators are receiving the required support during home visits and through phone support. Our administration team will make sure that our educators are meeting the compliance standards. 

High qulaity care

Azaria's management vision is to make sure that all our educators are providing high-quality care to our children through planning and working closely with families to achieve the best quality of care for our children. 

Azaria LMS™

Azaria Family day care introduced an online learning management system™ to provide training to our educators through interactive modules and training designed by our Educational leader who is also a qualified Children Services Trainer and Assesor

The portal has been designed to provide a number of resources and modules to assist our eductors with their personal and career development

Eating and Diabetes

Family day care is often the preferred option for parents who are looking for a less expensive care with more flexible hours. This means you can start your own family day care and provide essential care services from your own home instead of working in a centre-based service

Diet Research Is Deeply Flawed

There has been rapid growth in the number of child care services to meet the growing demand from parents. The cost of child care has also increased significantly. Despite the growing number of places and increases in cost, many centre-based child care services still have long waiting lists.

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